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Sustainable Hotel

Betting on the future

It is not only ecology, we are committed to the sustainability of the people in the working environment of the hotel. Our aim is to minimise plastic in all parts of the hotel. And we have several responsible pillars.

Objectives achieved

Water sources

We have replaced all the plastic bottles in the hotel with glass jugs that our guests can refill freely on every floor of the hotel. In addition, in the hotel restaurant, we use these carafes to serve sparkling and still water.

Toiletries and hygiene products

Disponemos de dispensadores en cada habitación con productos de higiene ecológicos.

Online check-in

Thanks to digital developments, the use of printed paper documents can be limited. All printed paper is recycled.

Cleaning products

We are using a line of ecological cleaning products. They are refilled through dispensers avoiding the waste of the use of the products.

Our environment

We have agreed with suppliers on best practices and initiative. The fruit comes from our km. 0 supplier, in a reusable box, without using plastic wrapping the product.
From the laundry, we have eliminated the plastic wrapping of clean clothes. We now use reusable and washable cloth covers.

Work Team

  • Creemos en nuestro equipo de trabajo. Queremos que se desarrollen personalmente, profesionalmente y socialmente. Por ello, nuestro equipo está en continúa formación.
  • Healthy workplace – Equipped with kitchen, break room, own shower, staff bathroom.
  • We take care of our team – Discount to each employee.

Bottles "La Residencia

Hemos entregado una botella de acero reutilizable a cada miembro del hotel para que pueda rellanarla y reutilizarla, evitando así los plásticos desechables. Estas botellas están a la venta para promover la reducción el uso de plásticos desechables.


Photovoltaic energy.

Efficient heat pump that recovers the heat produced by the air conditioning units.

Energy produced by cogeneration is 50% of the total produced. Cogeneration works with vegetable oil (from km. 0), which produces electricity and heat.

Supercharger for electric cars. Fast charging point.

Low consumption led lights.

Pump start-up with variable speed drives, optimised management of automated pump start-up.

Automated system for efficient consumption management.