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Our history

Practically in ruins...

The building where “La Residencia Apartments” is located today was built in the 40s by the Spanish military state and was instead known as the “Residencia de Suboficiales.” This served as accommodation for non-commissioned officers from all over Spain during their military service. It had common rooms and bathrooms, offices, kitchen and even a library.

In the 1990s military installations around the Strait of Gibraltar began to be closed. Before the building was completely closed and abandoned, it was converted into a warehouse.

When we acquired “La Residencia” at auction in the spring of 2012 it was in terrrible condition.

This building had caught our attention because of its splendid location. What surprised us most was that it had been allowed to fall in to a state where it had become, to all intents and purposes, a ruin.

Although wood from the doors, railings and windows had been used for firewood, the roof was intact and the building in general was in fairly good condition.

After renovating the old doors, looking for furniture and decoration that would fit in what was left of the old NCO residence and, after just 9 months of renovation, we inaugurated “La Residencia Apartments” (with a big party) on August 1, 2013.

Between 2016 and 2018 this stately building was restored.