General Conditions

The hotel requires all guests to comply with our general conditions.

Consult the information and legal notice on our webpage for more information:

Check in

Check in is from 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival.

If you wish to arrive earlier you must inform us. In the case of “no show” where the hotel hasn’t been informed before hand we will cancel the reservation and the room will be available for booking to others.

As part of the check in process all guests wishing to stay at the hotel must present valid identity documents. A valid credit card is also required. The hotel will check the validity of the card as a guarantee. Upon receipt of their room key/s the client/s automatically accept the following terms and conditions of the hotel:

In case the client leaves without paying, their card will be charged and we will send the invoice and proof of payment to them via email or post,

Payment of the reservation must be made at the time of check in.

All personal information collected at the time of check in (Name, DNI, telephone or additional information), is protected under the data protection law. You will find more information at:

Check out

Check Out is available from one hour after having checked in until 12:00 hours on the day of your departure.

If you wish to check out at a later time this may be possible, at an additional cost, as long as the hotel has availability and this has been previously agreed.

In case of delay when leaving the room, the hotel will charge a penalty of 36 euros until 3 pm and 100% of a night after 3 pm.

Failure to comply with this rule by the guest implies acceptance of the possibility of eviction from the hotel or an extra charge of one night

Restaurant hours and notes

Breakfast: 08: 00hs – 12: 00hs

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the hotel implemented various shifts for breakfast. It is necessary to book your breakfast hour at the moment of your booking or at Checkin (8h to 8h55, 9h to 9h55, 10h to 10h55, 11h to 11h55).

Conditions accepted as part of the booking process.

No guest food or drinks are stored in the hotel fridges.

Picnics are not allowed in the public areas of the hotel. Only in the rooms.

Clients will be able to eat the food that they have brought from outside the hotel.

No smoking in the hotel

Smoking is prohibited throughout the hotel.

We remind you that smoking is prohibited in all common areas of the hotel and in the rooms, except in places designated for it. In case of breach of this rule, the client must pay an extra charge of 250 eur per room.


Pets are accepted on request in the rooms with a terrace located on the lower level subject to prior communication with the hotel and availability.

We ask pet owners to respect other guests by following these rules:

The hotel management has assigned a specific type and number of rooms for guests with pets, specifically rooms with a terrace located on the lower level. These are the only rooms which will be available to guests with pets.

The size of the pet cannot exceed 20 kg.

Only one pet is allowed per room.

When entering or leaving the hotel the pet must be held on a leash, in arm or in a box designed for pet transport.

Pets are not allowed in common areas (pool, spa, lounges …).

Pets are allowed on the patio, as long as they are tied and do not disturb other clients.

You should never leave the hotel grounds leaving your pet alone in the room.

The owner must leave a contact mobile phone number at reception in case we need to contact you.

Do not allow the animal to climb onto beds, sofas, armchairs, etc. If you want to dry or clean your pets legs after a walk, do not use hotel towels. We have special towels available for this, please ask at reception.

The owner is responsible for any damages or damage caused beyond the cleaning of the room. Additional charges may be applied in the event of the pet causing mess, furniture damage, or hygiene problems.

If another guest complains about your pet’s barking, noise, or behaviour, you will be asked to remove the pet from the hotel.

You must have all the necessary legal documentation for your pet which may be required at any time by the Hotel Management. Your pet must have all relevant medical certificates including confirmation and date of all vaccinations.


The hotel has the option of putting a crib per room, as long as the client has informed us of this requirement beforehand (ideally at booking).

Only children from 0 to 2 years old may sleep in the cribs.

The cot is free.

Babies 0-24 months sleeping in existing beds

Babies up to 24 months are free to sleep in existing beds.

People not registered in the reservation

Any extra person, who is not registered in the reservation, must pay the supplement upon arrival at the hotel, regardless of whether you occupy the same bed as your companion.

Children over the age of 24 months must also pay the corresponding fee, regardless of whether they sleep in the parents’ bed.

The same applies to adults.

Due to hotel regulations, no additional people are allowed over and above the rooms capacity.

If for example a client hires a triple room and 4 people appear (all over 24 months in age) they must hire two double rooms. This means they may be forced to change their room if there is availability of this type, or to hire another in case of lack of availability.

To avoid any problem upon arrival due to lack of availability, we recommend hiring the corresponding room size for the total number of people who are staying.


If you have made an online reservation on our website, you must provide a valid credit card number to complete your booking.

The credit card must be the property of the person making the reservation. We do not accept credit cards from 3rd parties.

If you have processed a reservation via email, the same conditions will apply as for the website.

In case of choosing the non-refundable rate, the conditions of said rate apply. The total amount will be paid at the time of booking. The hotel will require a valid identity document or passport to be able to issue the invoice.

Cancellation clauses and types of reservations

Type of reservations:

We offer two types of reservations with different cancellation clauses.

Our flexible standard rate allows you to cancel your reservation for free within the

defined notice period dependent on the season and given below:

High season: 7 days notice.

Mid season: 3 days notice.

Low season: 24 hours notice.

Late cancellations or not showing up at the hotel carries a penalty as shown below:

-Stays of one to three days: 100% of the first night

-Stays of four days or more: 100% of the first two nights.

Non-refundable rate: the hotel will request payment of 100% of the stay at booking. This payment is non refundable in case of cancellation.

“No show” will incur a charge of 100% of the total reservation up to a maximum of 3 nights (the first three) of the stay.

Cancellations once the check in has been processed

The Hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations due to “force majeure,” if the client does not check in at the required time and for failure to pay the anticipated amount of the reservation.

In circumstances in which The Hotel cannot honour reservations or provide services offered, the total amount paid will be reimbursed or an alternative accommodation in a similar category establishment will be offered.

The hotel reserves the right to terminate the accommodation contract with the client in case of breach of the hotel standards by the client. In these circumstances no money will be returned to the client.

During the period of their reservation the client can cancel their stay and leave earlier than

planned understanding there are cancellation clauses. In the case the reservation has been processed with a travel agency, you must contact the agency and check their cancellation policy. Each travel agency has different regulations.

If the reservation is direct with us, the hotel will charge a penalty of 100% of one night (as long as guests are leaving the room before 12 noon) plus the nights enjoyed and will return the rest of the amount, paying in the same way as payment was made.

Non-refundable reservations have no refund, their penalty is 100%.


When processing a return, the hotel will make it using the same method as payment was made (card credit, transfer / cash …) subtracting management/administration costs, commissions from banks and transfer or credit card costs.

General rules of coexistence

General hotel regulations are available to all customers at reception. Compliance with these is an obligation for all guests. In case of a breach of the regulation guests may be required to pay an extra charge or face the possibility of immediate expulsion from the hotel.

At the end of this document we have attach a copy of these conditions which are also available at reception.

Admission rights

The hotel reserves the right of admission or denial thereof, regardless of whether it is a client with a prior reservation processed by a travel agency or directly with the hotel. In the case the reservation has been pre paid, the necessary procedures for the return will be processed as detailed in our general regulations.

Expulsion of a guest after checking in

The hotel reserves the right to judge what constitutes acceptable noise levels and customer behaviour.

Ion case of a breach of these standards the hotel will give prior notice to the guest of their bad behaviour. If the client does not comply with the hotels requests or any other regulations of the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to terminate any reservation or event immediately, without being obliged to pay any refund for the reservation or process any compensation.

Personal items

All hotel guests are responsible for their personal belongings, both in common areas and in hotel rooms. Each room has a safe for personal valuables.

Lost objects

If the hotel staff finds objects in the room after a guest has made their departure, we will package the object with the name and room number of the holder of the reservation. The hotel will keep the object (s) for a maximum of 30 calendar days.

The hotel will never ship the object by mail or by carrier. The client is welcome to contact and contract the services of a carrier, in this situation the client must notify the hotel of the day and time of collection.

Meals and / or drinks found in the room will not be saved due to health and safety regulations.


The hotel calendar dictates different seasons, since our destination is highly variable.

The seasons can be variable from year to year, depending on the date of Easter, public holidays etc. This means the application of different tariffs may vary from year to year.

To enable you to find the best rate, we recommend you consult our online booking search engine at or contact our 24-hour reception: +34 956 926 444.


You need to book your treatment or spa in advance to ensure availability.

CONFIRMED BOOKING: The reservation is confirmed once availability is confirmed and the hotel has taken your personal and contact information necessary for the reservation: name, email, phone and credit card.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation must be made within the indicated deadlines, otherwise, the corresponding cancellation charges will apply.

SPECIAL PRICES: Hotel guests benefit from special rates downloadable on our website.

SPA PACKAGES: Information about special spa packages or group packages is available. Please contact reception for more information.

SPA RULES: We want to ensure the Spa provides an environment of peace and relaxation while respecting all spa guests and their right to privacy and tranquility. Therefore we ask all users to: please silence your mobile devices at all times while in the Spa facilities and moderate the tone and volume of your voice at all times.

ARRIVAL AT THE SPA: We ask that you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. Note that late arrivals will not receive an extension to scheduled treatments.

AGE REQUIREMENT: The minimum age requirement to access the spa and treatments is 12 years. Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Please notify us of any medical conditions, allergies and injuries which could affect your spa service. Professionals recommend that pregnant women do not attend during the first 3 months of pregnancy, they may however receive gentle treatments, such as lymphatic drainage, circulatory massages on the legs, relaxation etc. but avoid violent jets of water on your body and large temperature changes or remain in hot places for a long time.

LOSS OR DAMAGE: The SPA is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. Keep all valuables locked in your locker during your visit.

ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES The Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto Spa will not be responsible for any accident or injury suffered by a guest.

RESTRICTIONS AND USE OF FACILITIES: The use of alcohol and tobacco in all areas of the Spa is strictly prohibited. The use of a suitable bathing suit and footwear is mandatory

ADMISSION EXPULSION: The hotel reserves the right not to admit clients with a history of incidents or expel those clients who do not respect the regulations of the Spa.

HARASSMENT POLICY: The Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto has a strict policy against bullying or improper behaviour. All services in our spa are therapeutic in nature, any sexual or lewd behaviour will result in the immediate termination of the service without refund and may lead to a complaint being raised with the relevant authorities.

SPA GIFT VOUCHERS: Gift vouchers are non refundable.

Complaints and claims policy

OBJECT: In La Residencia Puerto we give great importance to the treatment of complaints and suggestions; it allows us to know the causes that generate dissatisfaction to our clients about the services received.

Obtaining the suggestions of our guests allows us to implement improvement measures.

SCOPE: This regulation affects all the complaints and suggestions received by the clients.

DEFINITIONS: Complaint: claim or protest made before a hotel representative due to a disagreement or disagreement of the client with the products or services offered. Suggestion: proposal or request made by the customer whose purpose is to communicate to the company possible ways of improving the products and services offered.

RESPONSIBILITIES: those responsible for dealing with customers’ complaints and suggestions are the sector managers, who together with Management offer a solution and take note of it. All the departments of the hotel are going to work focusing their efforts towards the same objective; to satisfy the needs of the client. To achieve this, they will follow the guidelines described below.

PROCEDURES – MANAGEMENT: the way in which we receive suggestions or complaints from our clients can be verbal or written. We receive them verbally by means of direct communication from the clients with the hotel staff during their stay and/or at the time of check-out. We receive it in writing by email, or through the questionnaire that our guests fill in on the last day of their stay.

ACTIONS AFTER SUGGESTION: when we receive a suggestion from a client we record it in a suggestion/improvement book. This is communicated to the quality manager or to the establishment’s manager so that they can evaluate it and determine the scope of the suggestion, i.e. who it affects and what impact it has. Then, if necessary, we implement and develop it. After the implementation, we carry out a follow-up to evaluate its effectiveness. We then respond to the client by detailing the measures taken and thanking them for their contribution to continuous improvement.

ACTIONS AFTER THE VERBAL COMPLAINT: when we receive a complaint from a client, we record it in the incident book. We then solve the problem and write down in the same book the solution provided or the action we have taken to start the process of solving it. Every week, each establishment takes its incident book to the Management Department for review and signature.

ACTIONS AFTER THE FORMAL COMPLAINT: when it is a formal complaint, we immediately hand in the complaint and suggestion form completed by the customer to Management, which will take the measures it considers appropriate in order to improve customer satisfaction. We will then respond to the customer provided that he has previously requested it. Finally, we will verify, if possible, your satisfaction with the solution offered.

COMPLAINTS SHEETS: we have official complaints sheets available for customers who request them.


Annex 1

Coexistence regulations, available at the reception and automatically agreed by all guests upon reservation:

The hotel has the right to immediately terminate the accommodation contract, in

bookings from tour operators, online points of sales and direct reservations made with the hotel, provided that the client has repeatedly breached one or more rules and that this has been communicated previously to the client.

Groups under 18 years old must always be accompanied by at least 1 adult at a ratio of 1 adult for every 10 minors. Those responsible for the group must also stay in the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to deny reservations for groups of minors accompanied by adults responsible.

Any person staying at the establishment must be registered with valid identification document. In the absence of this document, the hotel reserves the right to decline entry to any undocumented guests.

Any damage to the building or its contents will be reported to the police.

Theft and intentional damage will be charged at the current cost of the material / damage and will be reported to the police.

Expenses to replace damages, loss of keys, as well as invoices for extra charges pending which are unpaid upon departure will be charged from credit card or cash deposit as warranty. In case no guarantee deposit has been made, the hotel will proceed to sue the guilty party to the full extent of the law within the framework of current regulations. The hotel allows a 24 hour period to process any corresponding collection and process the invoice.

The hotel reserves the right to require both individuals and groups to pay a cash deposit upon reservation, it will be returned on the day of departure, when the rooms have been checked and have returned the keys.

The hotel assumes no responsibility for physical damage to clients, in a case where the client has acted recklessly. If such action results in physical damages to several people, the relevant authorities will deal with the matter.

The hotel assumes no legal responsibility for luggage deposited in the rooms or left in common areas (bicycles, surfboards or kites, etc.). Nor is it responsible for cars parked on hotel property, loss of money or electronic items.

Clients must respect both daytime and nighttime schedules and especially at night time be aware of noise levels. It will only take one customer to complain for the staff to request there be no more noise, both in common areas and in rooms.

For our safety and yours, people are not allowed in your room who are not registered at reception.

Parties or meals in your room are prohibited.

Harassment policy

Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto defines bullying as “repeated, inappropriate behavior, whether direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, carried out by one or more persons against another or other persons, in the workplace and / or in the performance of their work.” Such behaviour violates the company’s Code of Ethics, which clearly states that all employees are treated with dignity and respect. Indirect or direct threats of violence, incidents of actual violence and suspicious people or activities should be reported as soon as possible to a supervisor or management. When reporting a threat or incident of violence, please be as specific and detailed as possible.

Clients must respect the hotel furniture. In case of damage or extreme dirt in common areas or rooms, the hotel will proceed to collect the relevant expenses. In addition to the furniture we also include in this clause televisions, tv remote controls, mirrors, hair dryers, towels, etc.

Restaurant regulations: customers may not remove food or drinks from the restaurant under any circumstances. Due to health and safety regulations restaurant staff will not save leftover drinks for the following day.

Bar regulations: Customers cannot enter with food and drinks from outside. The consumption of picnics or foods that are not served by the hotel is prohibited.

Smoking is totally forbidden both in public areas and in rooms. In case of a breach of this rule, the hotel reserves the right to penalise the customer with a fine € 250 / room.

Any incident caused by the client in the common areas or in the rooms will be considered serious misconduct. The definition of an incident may include but is not limited to: disrespecting staff, yelling, threatening, physical and psychologically intimidation of staff or other clients. Should such an incident occur, the police will be called and the client may be immediately ejected from the hotel.

Clients have the right to consult the hotel regulations at any time.

Terminating the accommodation contract;

The hotel has the right to terminate the accommodation contract for breach of regulations, without refund or compensation. Other dates will not be offered.

Customers who have been expelled from the hotel will not have the right to reserve in the future.

Cancellation by the client of their reservation or stay

Depending on the agency or tour operator with which the client has contracted his reservation, there are different cancellation clauses.

When booking with the hotel, we offer two forms of cancellation:

1) The client has the right to cancel the reservation. Each reservation contains the individual clauses of cancellation, details of the payment etc…

2) At the time of booking the hotel may request a  pre-payment or deposit. However, if you cancel within the period detailed in your reservation, the hotel will issue a bonus for the same amount which can be redeemeed according to the conditions indicated in the voucher.

Cancellation of accommodation:

The client may cancel their accommodation during their stay and leave earlier than planned. If the reservation has been made through a tour operator or online point of sale outside the hotel this may not be possible. You must consult the travel agency for the relevant cancellation clauses. In the case where your reservation has been processed directly with the hotel, the hotel will return any owed funds, taking into account that the check out must be made before 12 noon and we charge 100% of one night as a cancellation fee as well as any relevant fees incurred.

In the case where the client wants to change accommodation days during their stay we can, from the hotel, process cancellations on the Booking, Expedia and our website applying any cancellation and administrative charges.

The hotel is not responsible for problems caused by transfers, bus service, trains etc.

The hotel allows certain pets, as long as you have let us know and made the necessary arrangements with us previously. Not all hotel rooms are pet-friendly. Pets may not enter the restaurant or bar under any circumstances. The owners must bring all relevant documentation and are responsible at all times for the behaviour of their pet. If the pet causes physical or material damage, the owner shall bear all and any responsibility, liability and costs. The hotel is not responsible in any way for any complaint brought against pets.

The use of any type of explosive or flammable material in the hotel is strictly prohibited.

Group reservations

A group reservation is one that consists of more than 5 rooms.The group conditions of the hotel will automatically apply to any such booking. These conditions can be requested via email.


Half board does not include drinks with dinner.

The hotel does not keep leftover drinks due to Health and Safety regulations. If the client wishes, they may take their leftover drink to the room. But will not be able to re-enter the restaurant with said drink the next day. Guests cannot remove food from the restaurant to take on excursions in case, during the course of the day such food becomes contaminated. In addition, the client may not enter the restaurant with food or drinks from from outside the hotel for the same reason.

If the client has booked half board or breakfast and does not arrive during the hours of the meals, the hotel will not offer a picnic to compensate. It is the responsibility of the client to arrive at the correct time.

Payment conditions

Payment must be made in full at Check In.

Invoices can be paid in cash or by credit card. You can also pay by bank transfer at least 5 days before your arrival.

Nominal checks are not accepted.

In the event that a refund is processed by the hotel, it will be made in the same manner as the payment was made. If the payment by the client was by credit card, a credit card refund will be issued.

All extras that will have been issued during your stay must be paid for at the time of check out. In the event that the client leaves without paying, the extras will be charged to the credit card that was left at the time of check in or given as a deposit. In case of the card not having availability funds or if there is no deposit, the hotel will attempt to contact the client and if no payment is forthcoming will proceed to sue the client according to current legislation.

If the reservation requires a deposit, payment may be made by bank transfer.