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The most beautiful paradise

Find the perfect beach whichever way the wind is blowing

Tarifa is the European Mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing because of the winds which blow almost every day in various directions. The Levante is the warm easterly wind, almost always strong and coming from the Mediterranean. The Poniente is the cooler wind from the West. It blows diagonally towards the land and is almost always accompanied by small waves. As a result, everyone, no matter what they’re looking for, can do their favourite water sport or find a spot sheltered from the wind.


The small area of the Mediterranean Sea in Tarifa, with its brightly coloured waters, offers a perfect place for children to play.

It is very advisable with a westerly wind because it is quite protected from the wind and there are very few waves. It is only a 5 minute walk from “La Residencia”.

This 8 km long beach is a dream for long walks. With its fine white sand, it is perfect for sunbathing on windless days or on days with a gentle easterly wind. It is beautiful to ride with the sunrise or sunset. This beach area is a favorite of kite surfers and kiteboarding schools. It is only allowed to practice this sport in the indicated areas.



A 4 km long beach area with some rocks. Closer to the dune, it becomes a wonderful beach to practice all kinds of sea sports all year round.

The conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing are perfect with Poniente, but with Levante they can be even better. The bay protects the sportsmen from the danger that the current or the strong wind can drag them out to sea.

Starting from this beach, it is highly recommended to climb the large dune at the back to take advantage of the impressive view from there.



This wild beach is in the next bay west of Punta Paloma going from Tarifa towards Cadiz.

It’s a paradise for windsurfers and tourists. The turquoise waters and the animals in freedom will surprise you.

If you continue to the left until the end, you will reach the windsurfing area, which is perfect in Levante for this sport.

Besides water sports, it is worth visiting Bologna to relax in the sun, climb the giant dune or visit the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.