Day trips from Tarifa; discover the wonders of Andalusia

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During you stay in Tarifa, do not miss this selection of destinations, for a one day excursion in places of interest.


Do not miss this gem. An unspoiled sand beach of crystal clear Waters, located 23 km from Tarifa discover its breathtaking landscapes, the huge sand dune and the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia and its museum.


Only one hour ferry from Tarifa, embark for a short cruise on board of one of the ferrys from the port of Tarifa. Immerse in a completely different world, discover colorful markets, the Mosque, the old town and its bazaars. Try the tasty moroccan recipes and delicious patries. The main tour operators offer one day guided tour but we can arrange a tour with a personal guide for a more intense immersion in the culture and history of Tangier.


A small piece of England in Spain. Only 44 km from Tarifa, spend the day  in a very peculiar place where cultures mix. The famous rock of Gibraltar is a an amazing point of view. Observe the monkeys going there freely, shop in the many duty free shops and enjoy a drink in the lovely marina. Do not forget your Passport!

Vejer de la frontera, Medina Sidonia, Jimena

Visit the famous white villages, each has its own peculiarity. Visit Medina Sidonia in the morning, then enjoy the lovely Califa restaurant in Vejer for lunch. On your way back to Tarifa, drive along the coast and enter Caños de Meca y Barbate.


50 minutes from Tarifa, visit the oldest city in Europe, one of the most beautiful city beaches and waterfronts in the world. Discover its beautiful catedral with stunning views over the city. Do not miss its colorful carnaval around february. An absolute must is its Marketplace and the Gran Teatro Falla.


In one day you will not be able to see all the wonders of Sevilla. This is the jewel of Andalusia, a beautiful city with great atmosphere and breathaking monuments. Be careful though; in summer, the temperature gets really hot.


Driving to Ronda is an experience… a beautiful narrow mountain road leads to this amazing historical town, famous worldwide for its escarpments. Discover its restaurants, the Plaza de Toros and enjoy the stunning views. The journey is about 2 hours from Tarifa.

Jerez de la Frontera

Try the best sherry in Spain in one of the traditional bodegas. You will be enchanted by the Escuela de arte ecuestre: discover the unique andalusian horsemanship and the most elegant horses in Spain. Visit the Cartuja monastery and the amazing catedral. Do not miss the flamenco museum! Jerez de la frontera is about 1h30 from Tarifa.