Beaches in Tarifa

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The coast around Tarifa is remarkably well-preserved; thanks to the natural park and the windy conditions in the area, the coast has remained protected from massive construction and mass tourism.

Here are our tips to make the best of the wonderful beaches and spots all year round:

Playa chica

The small/cove town beach is the mediterranean part of Tarifa; located between the port and the Isla de Las Palomas, this small sand beach is sheltered from poniente wind. Its calm waters and stones make it perfect for children. This is the closest beach to the hotel.

Los Lances & Rio Jara

This 8 km long beach area is a dream for long beach walks or sea bathe on calm days. It is a wonderful spot for horse riding at sunset or by the early morning. The area around Dos Mares is a very good place where to learn and practise kite and windsurf. Along this beach there are many bars.

Arte Vida

This beach with a pine Forest behind offers great opportunities for a picnic. Arte y Vida is a wonderful spot where to enjoy fantastic views over the beach, have lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant. In spring and autumn, it is a very good spot for wave surfing by poniente.


4 km of sand beach: some parts have some rocks, in front of the dune you will find the perfect area to enjoy unlimited wáter sports througout the year. It has great conditions for wind and kitesurfing especially with levante.

Punta Paloma

It is worth walking out to the big dune to enjoy breathtaking vews… Certainly one of the best spots for windsufers. The area is also perfect for swimmers and to sunbathe since it is protected from the strong Levante (east) wind.


A natural 4 km sand beach with gorgeous crystal clear waters and landscape. On the far left of the beach, you can windsurf with levante. Bolonia is absolutely worth visiting: visit its roman ruins and the Baelo Claudia museum, climb the big dune or enjoy its chiringuitos…