La Residencia Apartments

History of La Residencia Apartments

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La Residencia was acquired in spring 2012 through an auction by the Ministry of Defense. The building was in really poor conditions. We had noticed this the years before: how could such an impressive and well-located building be in such a state of abandon?

The Windows on the ground floor and some of the first floor were bricked to prevent intrusions. The premises were full of trash. We we first entered the building, it had to be opened with machines; it had been many years since anyone had been inside. The doors and the original staircase railing had been torn out and used as warming fire. Surprinsingly, the roof was intact and the building structure in good conditions.

This residence for non-commissioned officer, was built by the spanish military in the late 40´s and served as accomodation for officers all over Sapin during their service in Tarifa. What are now two ground floor apartments with view over Plaza de la Mela, were offices, dining room and a small bar.

In the 90´s many military facilities were closed in the area and the building was converted into a warehouse before it was finally closed.

We began the renovation of La Residencia apartments in fall 2012 with a very tight schedule. First, all the interior walls, the service stairs, the kitchen wing as well as some intermediate ceilings were torn down. Then the concrete for the ground floor foundation and the 8 pilars of the pool was poured. Starting in January 2013, an average of 30 workers were workingin order to complete the work by the summer. We invested a lot of effort to have each apartment design unique. We chose sinks to match the different floors, washbasins are masonry work, the Antique doors were renovated and fitted. FInally the furniture and decoration were chosen.

With only a slight delay, we were able to open La Residencia Apartments during a nice opening party on august, 1, 2013, after only nine months of works.

In 2018, we renovated the second floor, creating 3 new lovely Studios with sea view. We hope you will enjoy the result and feel like home in La Residencia apartments!