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La Residencia Tarifa participates in the I World Marine Mammal Congress

By 10/12/2019 No Comments

conferencia mamiferos marinos edunatura barcelonaLa Residencia Tarifa crosses Spain to attend the I World Marine Mammal Conference. Participating with the Edunatura project together with Nereide Association

From December 9 to 12, the I World Marine Mammal Conference will be held in Barcelona. It will be attended by more than 2,000 experts, scientists and researchers from around the world. The main reason for this congress is the debate about the alarming decline of these marine species.

To combat this inevitable trajectory, diverse interventions will be carried out that cover all related aspects: climate change, biosphere conservation and the role of science in all these objectives.

Within the educational aspect, La Residencia Tarifa together with Nereide Association, present their educational project Edunatura. Focused to raise awareness and disseminate among the youngest, the importance of human performance in environmental issues. Reducing single-use plastics, cleaning in beach and countryside areas or betting on activities that respect the environment.

It is presented as a whole challenge, schools, teachers and parents of students join forces to collaborate in the project. The Edunatura project aims to expand to the rest of the localities so that it is contemplated within its teaching program.

At La Residencia Tarifa we believe in social progress starting with the youngest, a necessary change within our lives to preserve our Planet.

From here, we encourage you to follow the news of this congress that will remain until the 12th of this December. It is everyone’s job to take care of our home and support initiatives that enact a more sustainable life system for all.