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What’s in the Spa Residencia Puerto?

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spa balneario andalucia hammamWelcome to the Spa La Residencia Puerto, where you can live a unique experience of total relaxation for body and mind.

The tour includes different rooms where you can relax and enhance your health. In our spa we will provide appropriate footwear, towels and shower cap. Next, we offer a brief description of the route:


we will take a shower before starting the circuit, the changing rooms are at the end of the hall. There you can also leave your personal belongings.


The jets of massage will massage all the muscles of the body. Its main benefits are: Eliminates stress Relieves muscle tension Promotes and activates circulation Hot water opens pores and helps eliminate toxins The pressure of the jets helps fight cellulite It has an anti-inflammatory effect.


The main objective of steam and heat is to favor the acceleration of the metabolic functions of the organism, increasing the blood circulation and stimulating the nervous system. Within the Turkish bath you can perform a body peel with salts from the Maghreb that you will find in the The steam bath entrance. The skin will be in optimal condition for cleaning.


After the sweating, cold contrasts are performed by submerging in the cold water pool from head to toe. Another possibility is in the ice fountain, you must take this ice and rub it against your skin. Among its benefits are: The body, on contact with cold water, increases the respiratory rate. This is the body’s way of trying to keep warm.The heart rate increases and with it the immune system response is improved.


After the heat-cold contrast you can go to the shower circuit. Here you will find:

Aromatherapy shower: An ally for the respiratory system. It greatly improves lung function, releases stress and reduces anxiety.

Fog shower: Performs a gentle spray of water that will help tone and rehydrate the entire body.

Shower bucket: Ideal to perform right after a Turkish bath session or sauna. It is recommended not to pour water directly on the head. It is recommended after long sports sessions as it improves circulation, has a relaxing effect, eliminates toxins and impurities and, in short, relaxes the muscles.

Swan neck: It is a column of water that relieves muscle tension. They help eliminate such widespread back, shoulder and neck ailments.


It is recommended to take a shower to remove impurities from the skin before entering the sauna. It uses dry heat, which causes abundant sweating of the body as a cooling mechanism. Its benefits are: It improves blood circulation.Toxins and impurities are eliminated.It has a relaxing effect


After passing through the sauna, it is recommended to perform cold contrasts again in the cold water pool, ice fountain or bucket shower.

8. TO FINISH, we have a comfortable relaxation area with Balinese beds, sun loungers and armchairs where you can relax and have water, infusions and teas, fruit and nuts.