Your spa in Tarifa

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Basic Thermal Circuit

Dear clients, the basic thermal circuit invites you to visit our Spa for a period of 1 hour and a half.

At the entrance of the Spa, we have a reception, where appropriate towels and footwear will be provided.

The changing rooms can be used to store personal items.

The Spa is made up of the whirlpool and hot water pool (the pool contains powerful jets of water taking the person to a state of serenity and muscular calm). You can enjoy the Turkish bath (55 ° steam room). The steam bath helps improve the immune system, eliminates toxins and promotes relaxation by releasing the accumulated stress. There is an improvement in circulation, so that more nutrients reach the body improving the skin.

You can make a peel with our Maghreb salts for an exfoliation and cleansing of the skin. Next we recommend contrasting the heat to the cold, we have a 15º water pool and an ice fountain. The effects of contrast range from the circulatory work of vasodilatation and blood vasoconstriction to the cleaning of tissues and reduction of edema, the reduction of muscle stiffness and pain, and stimulation of the autonomic nervous system, among others.

We invite you to visit our shower circuit (aromatherapy shower, steam shower, swan neck, rain showers and spilled water bucket) where relaxation and well-being of body and mind are guaranteed.

Another alternative is our sauna, which with a dry heat at 80º favors circulation by increasing the heart rate reducing muscle and joint pain. Promotes relaxation, which improves the feeling of well-being. We also invite the realization of the contrasts with cold effect.

To finish we have a relaxation area with Balinese beds, tea, fruit and fresh water.

To our basic thermal circuit you can add a relaxing massage section à la carte of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 50 minutes or combine it with our facial and body wraps, peeling, hydration and chocolate therapy treatments.