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The autumn raptor migration in Tarifa, a world class experience!

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avistamiento pájaros tarifa rapacesSeptember brings to Tarifa a major spectacle in nature: the massive migration of raptors and storks across the Strait of Gibraltar

Thousands of eagles, harriers, kites, vultures and buzzards, concentrate in Tarifa before crossing the narrow sea channel to Africa on their way to their wintering quarters in Africa. In fact, the bird migration flyway in Tarifa ranks within the top 5 at world level, both in terms of number of birds and diversity of species! Moreover, Tarifa is at the doors of two natural parks and a Unesco Reserve of the Biosphere. A half day excursion from Tarifa, will not only allow you to admire the raptor migration, but also to enjoy some of the most striking and least visited natural sites in the Strait of Gibraltar.

This is a fantastic experience for everyone: from expert birdwatchers to curious travellers with an interest in nature and families willing to enjoy one of the most remarkable experiences in Tarifa.

Indeed, on most September days, migratory raptors will be visible from the terrace of the Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto! Where we will provide you with high quality binoculars to improve the experience.

Birding The Strait is a local company that offers private and tailor-made excursions to experience the migration of raptors and visit the most spectacular natural sites in Tarifa. As expert local guides, they will design an itinerary that shows the best of the regions.

At the reception of our houses, Hotel & Spa and Apartments, or previously by phone or email, you can request your reservation on one of the excursions with one of the best raptor sighting companies.

We wait for you together with these activities in nature, essential when passing through Tarifa.