New speciality in El Patio Restaurant

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tajin el patio comida marroquíThe Patio Restaurante Tarifa dares with one of the most popular Moroccan dishes: Tagine

Now you can taste our new specialty: Chicken or fish tajín cooked at low temperature and accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

All the flavor of the natural and with the touch of spices in the El Patio style.

We tell you a little about the tajín:

The tagine is a typical stew of North African cuisine, especially in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

A shallow clay container, with a conical lid that is usually hand painted with Arabic motifs. This clay pot retains heat and intervenes in the preparation of the dish.

The steam released by the ingredients of the tagine finishes cooking. In this way the chicken or fish and the vegetables remain juicy and also keep the heat so it can be served hot even 1 hour after its elaboration.

To the main ingredients: meat, carrots, leeks, onions and zucchini are added dates or plums to get the sweet touch that makes it such a tasty dish.

You can reserve your table now for your lunches or dinners by calling +34 956 926 444  +34 956 926 444

We are in St /Alcalde Juan Núñez, 8. Tarifa. Inside the Hotel & Spa La Residencia Puerto.

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