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La Residencia Tarifa joins the World Planet Clean up Day

By 17/09/2019 No Comments

dia limpieza playas tarifa planetaLa Residencia Tarifa collaborates on the World Planet Clean up Day for a world with less plastic and garbage.

On the occasion of the International Planet Cleaning Day, the “Clean the World” campaign to protect our home: Tarifa.

In this 5th edition, the “EcoSpirit” collective organizes an intensive day to collect waste and garbage from our surroundings.

Groups will be organized to clean beaches, countryside and sea of plastics and garbage, protecting our environment helps nature , animals and definitely the human being.

The meeting will take place on SEPTEMBER 21 at 10 AM in the ALAMEDA. Here all the volunteers will be mentioned and the cleaning games will be organized.

Those interested in participating can contact Ania de Eco Spirit at number 665 386 938.

After the morning of cleaning, the coexistence will continue at 19.30 at the Hotel & Spa The Puerto Residence with the exhibition “Clean Sea” where more will be talked about the conservation of the environment.

In addition, La Residencia Tarifa will offer a small brunch and welcome drink to all attendees in the event hall. The Nereide Association has prepared for the occasion its exhibition “Clean Sea”, with which it has traveled this summer the coast of Tarifa raising awareness, in an entertaining and entertaining way, of the problem of single-use plastics and garbage in the oceans.

With this volunteer initiative, “A Limpiar el Planeta”, it is intended to coordinate efforts to raise public awareness of the importance of environmental conservation. And at the same time, help the city and beaches of Tarifa to remove all waste after the large influx of tourists this summer.

In coordination with the city hall of Tarifa, the garbage piled up will be collected by the cleaning services.

We will wait for you all to collaborate with our natural paradise in coexistence with its inhabitants.