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How to use the sauna at Apartments La Residencia Tarifa?

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sauna la residencia tarifaThe Apartments La Residencia Tarifa offers an elegant sauna next to the heated pool, on the roof of the building.

The sauna facilities are located on the top floor of the building where the apartments are located. At the foot of the Strait of Gibraltar, on the beachfront. When you leave the sauna you can observe the infinite sea, ideal for relaxing body and mind.

Towels and bathrobes can be found in your apartment, so you can immediately enjoy the pool and sauna if you wish. It also has sugary candies at your disposal to avoid tension drops.

The correct use of the sauna begins with a previous shower to eliminate the germs of our skin. This facilitates perspiration and prevents possible skin infections.

The sauna usually maintains an approximate temperature of 80º Celsius. The human body is not prepared to withstand these temperatures for a long period of time, limit your experience to 15 or 20 minutes maximum.

Take 5-minute breaks between sessions, you can take a dip in the pool or have a soda.

At the end you should drink plenty of water to recover the body’s hydration. It is also advisable to eat some salty food to maintain adequate tension.

We recommend using the sauna at sunset time, the landscape that can be seen when nightfall is unique.

The illuminated African coast, the sound of nature and relaxation after a day of sightseeing in a complete experience at the hands of La Residencia Tarifa.