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edunatura tarifa baelo claudia medioambienteOn November 18 and 19, the Edunatura educational project began. Promoted by La Residencia Tarifa together with Nereide Association, a non-profit association whose objective is the conservation of the seas and our environment in general.

La Residencia Tarifa and Nereide have embarked on this educational project which aims to create environmental awareness starting with the youngest ones.

The Edunatura project has great collaborators such as Hatha Wind, Waves and Sport Center Tarifa. As a team, they are directly responsible for the organization of content and activities that will be taught in the schools and institutes of Tarifa.

Thanks to these enthusiastic professionals, combining altruism and enthusiasm for teaching, it is intended to introduce the culture of recycling, cleaning in Tarifa of our environment and sustainable development.

In addition to the workshops with games and audiovisual and artistic content, outdoor activities will be carried out. In this way, teamwork, solidarity, sport and ultimately respect for the environment are encouraged.

In the following video broadcast by Television Tarifa, you can see a small part of the Edunatura workshop.

From here we encourage you to learn more about the educational and environmental plans of La Residencia and Nereide. Exhibitions, workshops and many other actions focused on achieving a better world for everyone.