Castle of Guzmán El Bueno

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National Historic Monument, the Castle of Guzmán El Bueno built over 1,000 years ago.

In 710 AD, Tarifa was in the hands of the Muslims, and the general who led this invasion: Tarik.- It was the same who proposed the construction of this fortress to defend against possible African invasions.

Thus this castle was not built for its beauty or to serve as a palace but to defend the borders of the city of Tarifa and its town. It was built on a small mountain in the southern part of the city with a panoramic view of the coast. The fortress was composed of a tower in the center of the castle surrounded by wide walls.In 1292 during the Christian reconquest under the command of Sancho IV the castle was a place of defense of the Muslims.

It was then that Guzmán El Bueno sacrificed his son who had been captured by the enemy side to avoid leaving the city in Muslim hands.

Today it is possible to visit the fortress in just over 30 minutes for a price of € 2.

Tarifa city a place with centuries of history preserved in very good conditions for what is a very interesting tourist attraction.