Conserves in the Strait of Gibraltar


This exhibition represents a synthesis of a first photographic exhibition that was shown at the Baelo Claudia Archaeological Site, and travelled to the Museum of Cadiz and the Castle of Guzmán el Bueno (Tarifa), between 2016 and 2017, as a result of public-private collaboration, and with the desire to highlight one of the main values of our cities and our people: the link with fishing and the sea.

The exhibition was conceived as a dialogue of several photographic pairs that could connect Classical Antiquity and the present day, based on the link between the tradition of canned fish and the common space of the Strait of Gibraltar. To this end, the results of the archaeological excavations carried out in Baelo Claudia by the University of Cadiz were connected with the tradition of the Industrial Canning Company of Tarifa.

These snapshots are translated into the humble vision of a traditional and human economic activity, which has always impregnated the life and development of the populations of the coast of Cadiz.



Industrial Conservera de Tarifa S.L. (conservadetarifa.es)

Junta de Andalucía. Department of Culture and Historical Heritage. Baelo Claudia Archaeological Site.

University of Cadiz

Collaborating entities

Association of Friends of the Museums of Tarifa

CEIMAR Campus of International Excellence of the Sea

Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (projects HAR2103-43599P and HAR2015-71511-REDT)

Cadiz Museum


Dario Bernal Casasola. University of Cadiz

José Luis Muñiz García. Conservera de Tarifa S.L.

Ángel Muñoz Vicente. Baelo Claudia Archaeological Ensemble

Manuel Quero Oliván. Association of Friends of the Museums of Tarifa

Digital editing in Google

José Ángel Expósito Álvarez. Cultural Institutions Agency.

Francisco Javier Rojas Pichardo. Cultural Institutions Agency.


José María Abad Casal, Manuel Rojas Peinado and Laura Medina Grande.